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If you have questions about our home inspection services or you need to schedule an appointment in Kelowna, feel free to reach out to us at Mckinley Inspection Services today. As a expert Kelowna home inspector, we are committed to providing comprehensive home inspection services to meet your needs.

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For a long time, McKinley Home Inspection has been providing quality services for Kelowna residents and its environs. We provide you with every detail that’s vital for decision making concerning the property under inspection in a clear, precise, and professional way. You’ll receive an oral and a detailed electronic report after the process.

Why Choose Mckinley Home Inspections of Kelowna?

At McKinley Home Inspections, we strive for nothing short of the best. We approach every home inspection with the care and professionalism you deserve. With our team of dedicated workers, McKinley Home Inspections is committed to providing you with the best customer service, every step of the way. Our trained home inspectors leave no stone unturned. They work hard to ensure every aspect of the home is considered carefully, and keep you informed throughout the process. Our goal is to deliver top quality work that you can trust.

McKinley Home Inspections wants you to know your property inside and out, and we have the tools and skills to get you there. We take every opportunity to demonstrate our professionalism and care, leaving you with nothing but the best in home inspection services.

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Property investment can be a stressful experience, and we want to minimize the difficulties of the process as much as possible. McKinley Home Inspections strives for 100% customer satisfaction every time in Kelowna, BC area. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. We work with you every step of the way to guarantee the job meets your every need. We strive to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. We believe that no report is finalized until our customers are satisfied. That means we encourage our customers to bring us any questions or concerns at every step in the process. At McKinley Home Inspections, we believe the job isn’t done until all of your concerns are addressed.

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How We Guarantee
a Perfect Inspection

At McKinley Home Inspections of Kelowna, we know that a rushed job is a poor job. We guarantee the quality of our home inspections all over Kelowna area because quality is our top priority. We provide trustworthy, professional service and an in-depth, comprehensive inspection. We conduct our inspections in every part of the property, from the roof to the foundation to ensure that all your needs are met and questions answered. Best of all, our top quality inspections don’t mean delays. Our inspectors provide focused, diligent work so that you get the best possible inspection in a respectable time slot. At McKinley Home Inspections, we deliver quality, diligence, and comprehensive reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do home inspections cost?

The cost of a home inspection will vary depending on a number of factors, including the size and age of the property you want inspected. Depending on how extensive of an inspection is required can affect the overall cost. However, the important question is how much the cost of repairs will come to if these issues go undiscovered. The goal of a home inspection is to save you money in the long run, and expose any issues with your property that you may not even think of.

Will I get a report after the home inspection?

One of our top priorities is to leave you feeling informed about your property. We will always provide a diligent, comprehensive report after the home inspection. Our report will break down all our findings so that you move forward confident and well informed. And of course, our team will always be glad to answer any further questions you might have regarding our findings.

Do you need to inspect brand new houses?

Even new houses should have home inspections. It may seem like there is no reason to have an inspection on a new home, but it’s just as important as any other property. We can inspect things like building codes, and even get a rare glance into the interior of the home as it’s being built.

How long do home inspections take?

Every home inspection will be a little different, but the inspection typically take between 2 and 3 hours. We work diligently and efficiently so that you can cross the home inspection off your list sooner rather than later.

Do I need to be there during the home inspection?

You are not required to be present for the home inspection, but you are more than welcome to. We are happy to answer questions and address concerns during and after the inspections process. If you’ve done a visual inspection yourself beforehand and have specific areas you’d like us to focus on, it’s always helpful to let us know.

Can I do a home inspection on my own?

While you can always conduct visual inspections on your own, professional home inspectors can uncover issues you may not have ever considered. We know where and what to look for, and are expertly trained and equipped to inspect problems in a property that can’t be detected with visual inspections. A professional home inspection is the only way to guarantee no issues go unaddressed.

Why should I choose McKinley home inspections?

McKinley home inspections strives for the best in customer service and satisfaction. Our dedicated team works to answer all your questions and concerns, leaving no stone unturned.

Serving the Greater Kelowna Area

McKinley proudly provides top quality home inspection services in Kelowna and the okanagan region. We are licensed, insured and recognized by the Home Inspectors Association BC. Kelowna is a popular destination not only for tourists, but for many who want to live the Okanagan lifestyle. Kelowna offers a sunny climate, sprawling orchards and wineries, lakes and outdoor lifestyles, and one of BC’s best universities. There are a lot of beautiful scenery here in Kelowna, BC for you to go to with your family and love ones. Try to check out Knox Mountain Park, Big White Ski Resort, and Kelowna City Park. You can also check out the majestic Okanagan Heritage Museum and Kelowna Art GalleryWith so much to love, real estate tends to come at a pretty penny. For that reason, prospective home buyers want to make sure they’re investing in the right property.

At McKinley Home Inspections, we strive to make sure you’re getting the most out of your real estate. A professional home inspection can you save you thousands in future repair bills by finding issues on your property before they become an expensive burden. The Okanagan’s unique climate can cause many common problems including roofing damage and mold buildup. To keep your Kelowna lifestyle free of surprising, costly housing repairs, contact McKinley Home Inspections today!

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