Getting a home inspector is a very important step in the process of buying a property. The expert examines the current condition of the building and grounds for sale in details. The intention behind the inspection is to identify any systems or components in the home that are unsafe or deficient.

Although the process of hiring a home inspection company can be tiresome and time-consuming it could save you a great deal in the end. An inspector checks for major flaws that may be in a house that appears to be in great condition. This can save you money.

When buying a property, it’s important to be sure that what you’re looking for exactly matches the home you want. That’s why you need to do an inspection. Inspectors look for several things in order to determine the integrity of the property you’re interested in. The items fall into the following categories.

Structural Integrity

This is the most important item to analyze during a home inspection. The majority of homes you may come across have strong structural elements. However, if there’s anything wrong with the structure, don’t buy the home unless you’re planning to renovate and are getting an extreme discount on it.

Safety Issues

The second most crucial thing inspectors look for is the safety of the property. They check if there’re any problems with HVAC systems, electrical wiring, plumbing, or broken windows. If your inspector discovers any safety issues with the property you’re about to purchase, you can ask the seller to either:
Fix the safety hazards, or
Give you a suitable credit towards the price of the home if he or she is not willing to fix the issue.

Deferred Maintenance Items

These are things that you’ll eventually have to replace so as to maintain the property’s quality. They may include weathered roofs, aging appliances, or leaky faucets. Older homes have more deferred maintenance items than newer ones. However, in case an item is more broken or worn than expected, you can submit a repair request to the seller.
Although home inspections by good companies are usually thorough, there’re things they may not include. Inspectors may not consider specialty items or systems such as a swimming pool, spa, sprinkler, and alarm system. Therefore, you may need another specialist to do the review.

A Good Company Does All This

Your choice of a home inspection company is very important. A full-time, professionally trained, educated, and certified inspector can be of great help to you. Look for those companies that have good reviews and follow internationally accepted standards of practice.

If you choose right, expect to receive a good formal report that details issues that they have discovered during the process of inspection. It should include digital photographs and list major structural and safety concerns plus deferred cost items. The report should also contain repair costs.


Hiring the best Kelowna Home Inspection Company is a very vital step when it comes to buying a property. A good inspector should assess the structural integrity of the building you’re about to purchase and address any safety issue. A quality home inspection should also consider the cost of deferred maintenance items.

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