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At McKinley Home Inspections, we understand how important having a safe building is. We provide a complete solution for any residential, commercial, and asbestos inspections you might need.

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McKinley Home Inspection has helped thousands of investors and businesspeople find flawless commercial property over the years. Our educative program makes you an informed buyer. We can help you see any issues in the property you’re planning to buy so as to avoid making losses.

No home inspection company is as dedicated as we are to do comprehensive and thorough commercial inspections. We use ultramodern equipment and procedures to do a commercial building assessment and discover any issues with the property. Then, we give a recommendation on whether you should invest in it.

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We offer commercial inspection for business owners and real estate investors. We do this by preparing Building Analysis Reports to determine the current condition of the property that our clients are eyeing. If you want to secure a place for your business, contact us to conduct a thorough commercial building assessment.

A Building Analysis Report can help you determine whether the property in question is appropriate for your specific use. Therefore, it’s good to do an inspection before you sign a formal contract. This can help in avoiding future problems such as having to move from the property when it has not served its purpose.

Cost of Inspection

Commercial inspection fees vary depending on the size of the property you’re planning to buy. This means that even if the exercise were to take several days, we’d still charge you a constant amount for business premises with the same measurements. However, normal inspections normally take between 2 to 3 hours.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Finding a property that you’d love to purchase and agreeing on a price is a great step in your business endeavors. However, it’s wise to do a pre-purchase inspection before you put pen to paper. Book an appointment with us to be sure of what you’re getting into. Our inspectors can educate you and address any of your concerns appropriately.

Our detailed explanations on how systems work and the need to do any repairs and maintenance in the future can help you make informed decisions. We walk you through the entire building and ground during the inspection. This way, you can easily identify any issues that the property might be having.

The moment we’re through with the inspection, we give you an oral report as well as a written one in form of a booklet. The latter is more detailed and you can refer to it any time you’d love to. We also have a provision of E-mail reports if you request for them.

McKinley Home Inspection is with you for life. We are available long after you’ve made your purchase and moved on. We are ready to offer professional advice when you book an appointment with us. That’s how sweet it is to work with us.

Pre-Sale Inspections

If you want to sell your property at higher prices and quickly, let us conduct a commercial inspection first. This way, we can help you make adjustments to your asset before putting it on sale. Our recommendations can help boost your property’s value and make it more appealing to prospective buyers.

Termite Certifications

We do a commercial inspection to determine the presence of wood-destroying insects. Several lenders and attorneys may require you to do a Termite Certification before closing any deal. The good news is that we usually do it freely for our clients. Call or schedule an appointment with us to discuss any of your concerns.

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Whether you’re buying an office building, apartment, or rental store, McKinley Home Inspections is where to go for advice. We have knowledgeable and experienced inspectors who can enlighten you on the condition of the property you’re about to purchase. Call us today to get flawless building.

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