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Are you planning to buy an older building? Any structure built before 1980 could be having some amounts of asbestos. McKinley Home Inspection can help you make a good choice of the property to buy. Many have benefited from our services over the years. We ensure your safety by doing an asbestos assessment of the building you want to buy. >

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We take time to educate you about the property. We also offer professional advice so that you’re confident about your decisions. We use the latest technology to do asbestos inspection. Our processes are faster and more efficient. Our inspection services are like no other. They are as comprehensive as they are thorough.

Why Do an Asbestos Assessment

Asbestos was a very popular building material before 1980 because of its heat-resistant property. You can find it in roofing shingles, popcorn ceilings, siding, fireplace insulation, plumbing system, pipes, electrical panels, drywall, and vinyl floor tiles of older houses.

Asbestos becomes a serious health hazard when you disturb your building through renovation or remodeling projects, especially DIY tasks. It can also be a problem when your house requires repairs after natural disasters like storms or when the materials begin to break down due to aging.

Although most home inspectors may not want to tell you that asbestos could be present in the property you’re about to acquire, we do it. This is because we care about your safety. However, we’ll only do asbestos inspections for older houses with materials that usually contain the substance or when you specifically request us to.

What If Asbestos is Present

During the inspection process, we determine if the property has any materials that could contain asbestos. If we find out that it does, that shouldn’t alarm you. This is a relatively common problem and we can discuss with you some options to consider before moving on with your purchase decision.

If asbestos is actually present, removing it is not difficult. However, improper removal of the substance can increase the risk of exposure to the toxin. This may lead to cancer or other health issues. At other times, we can call in a professional to seal the building materials, for example, by painting to protect you from exposure.

Remember that an asbestos inspection is only necessary if the property has materials that might contain the substance. If the house is newer, we only recommend the procedure if you plan to remodel or repair it in the future. We are certified to do asbestos assessments. Call us and we’ll discuss any concerns with you.

Asbestos Management Plan

Apart from offering a pre-renovation asbestos assessment, we also provide a management plan. We outline your most urgent needs for encapsulation or abatement so that you can have peace of mind. This is also an avenue for us to abide by the law. Most importantly, we wouldn’t want your health to be in danger.

Pre-Sale Inspections

Several homeowners have benefited from our pre-sale inspection services. Contact us before putting your home or building on sale. After an asbestos inspection, we can suggest what you need to do in order to make your property more appealing to potential customers. An asbestos-free house can sell faster and at a higher price.

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If you’re suspecting that the property you want to buy contains asbestos, contact McKinley Home Inspection. We take time to do a perfect work in a professional way. Our professionals can do an asbestos inspection to find out if the property actually contains the substance. This can give you confidence concerning your purchase decisions.

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